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means tested welfare which is not medicare and social security, spent so much that you could send $60,000 to every poor family, that's how much spending. why don't they just send the check. >> it's a bogus statistic. i have been listening to this from the right for 30 years. you include in there people who are unemployed, who are making 60 or $70,000 and they are getting food stamps. and they are getting unemployment insurance, so you put them in with welfare people. long term chronic welfare is different than short-term recipients. >> bill: are you quibbling with the fact that the amount of money spent in 2011 which is when this study was compiled averages out to 60,000. i don't care whether they are unemployed people. short-term people. 50 minute people that you could actually send a check? $60,000? >> everything you spent for the defense ridiculous. >> bill: means tested to the. >> means tested. are you rug suggesting that everybody unpolice department or accept unemployment benefits or food are poverty. >> no i'm not. the federal government runs so inefficiently. wastes so much mo
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Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)